Diane's Signature Keynotes


Teaching women to be the most peaceful and productive they've ever been, no matter what storms are raging around them.


Teaching women to become a magnet and attract people to their ideas, products, and services rather than chasing them. 


Teaching women to bring instant clarity and calm to any business challenge, in a decisive and resolute manner, without the torment of worry or self-doubt.

Diane Michel Canada fills a serious void in women-centric leadership topics. Very few speakers are addressing the unique challenges women face in business. As a result, women are left to learn leadership from a masculine playbook, they walk around SECRETLY overwhelmed and burnt out, putting them at a very high risk of quitting. 


​Diane's Keynote messages resonate with women business owners and leaders on a much deeper level and help catapult them through the barriers that are holding them back from the successful life they desire most.


Diane has overcome tremendous adversity, both professionally and personally, as you'll hear in her compelling Keynotes and her forthcoming book! Her passion is inspiring professional women to lady up and not quit, especially under great pressure, unexpected hardship, or in male-dominated environments. 


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