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The coronavirus has shut America down and so many small businesses are struggling to stay alive. Today, we have some real-world HELP for businesses that is FREE! Diane welcomes her colleague and co-founder of her Tennessee Entrepreneur Initiative to the Podcast. Michael shares how his growing company dug out of the 2008 recession and emerged successful due to a change in perspective, among other resourceful ideas. 

When it feels like life is beating us up a bit, we need to remember who our Daddy is and that we can call on Him for help! Diane visits with SJ Meeson from Sydney, Australia today. SJ founded a successful global community for women believers to be encouraged, supported, and united as they build meaningful businesses. For more on SJ, visit her online at

Most women start businesses from scratch, with a lot of heart, passion and grit. Today, Diane welcomes Becky Bayne to the show, founder of Becky's Graphic Design in Nashville. Becky started her business from nothing, 30 years ago, and is now one of the most popular and sought-after graphic designers in the city. She shares her struggle, her story, and her insights to help you lady up and not quit. For more info about Becky, visit: 

Join Diane Michel of Lady Like Leaders as she welcomes one of Nashville's most popular women's branding photographers, Judith Hill, to the show. Today, Diane and Judith explore the various reasons why women shrink back, play too small, or feel invisible in the world. Women will be empowered today to see themselves in a whole new light, to actually see their undeniable beauty, and step into their power as a result of that awareness. For more info about Judith, visit  

Today, Diane welcomes Tracy Davison to the show. We're talking about practical ways to re-center yourself when you are blindsided or the rug gets snatched out from underneath you. Tracy is a DISC and John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. She is passionate about building healthy cultures for growing companies. For more info on Tracy, visit:

 For those of you who are burnt out, stressed out, or ready to tap out, this could be a game changer for you! Welcome! 


We're going to highlight three key stressors today:

1) A Busy Mind Full of Thought Storms

2) A Scarcity Mindset That Keeps Us On The American Hustle 

3) Trying To Manage "Time" Rather Than Managing "You"


Join me for some nuggets you can apply right away and get your peace back!